Our theme, sub themes and Te Tiriti

NZIEC KI TUA – Te Ara ki te Ao

"Te Ara ki te Ao" evokes "The pathway to the world". The expression symbolises a journey that transcends borders and embraces global horizons. This concept frames Aotearoa New Zealand's distinct international education environment, inviting participants to connect and collaborate to accelerate global growth.

Te Ara ki te Ao will bring together a vibrant mix of participants spanning the entire education spectrum – from schools to universities, PTEs and EdTech Innovators, alongside agents, and government departments. This inclusive gathering is a meeting of minds focused on accelerating the future of international education. Together we will embark on a journey to explore synergies, discuss transformative strategies, and forge collaborations that will accelerate the value of international education for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Join us to gain unique, valuable insights and leave with a kete of tools to step forward with confidence. 

NZIEC KI TUA - Te Ara ki te Ao - Shaping the future of international education in Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond.

NZIEC has proudly embraced a bilingual name for three years, marking the evolution of interconnected and carefully selected themes that carry a genealogy and evolution throughout the NZIEC’s history. The decision to continue with a bilingual approach has been intentional, with each name carrying a sense of whakapapa, honouring the conferences and participants journey and growth.

Honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi

ENZ is committed to giving effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and in 2022, we launched an ingoa Māori (Māori name) to stand alongside the established NZIEC brand.KI TUA. KI TUA takes inspiration from the following whakataukī: 

He rā ki tua. 
Look positively toward the future, 
Better times are coming. 

KI TUA is not about returning to the ‘status quo’. It is about reconnecting to the world, finding a fresh perspective and taking a new approach. The phrase ‘KI TUA’ is both literally and figuratively aspirational. The kupu (word) ‘TUA’ can translate to both ‘a place or area further beyond’, or ‘the other side of a solid body’.  With the preposition ‘KI’ preceding it, which indicates motion towards something, KI TUA encourages us to seek a place beyond what we know now to reach our ‘pae tawhiti’ (distant horizons).

As part of our call for speakers, we seek speakers who can help us discuss the following: 

  • How can Aotearoa New Zealand’s international education sector give best effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi?
  • How can Aotearoa New Zealand’s international education offering reflect Te Ao Māori in a genuine and authentic way?
  • How can we ensure that Māori have equal access to the benefits of international education?
  • How are we connecting with iwi Māori to partner on international education?
  • How can we foster indigenous-to-indigenous relationships in international education internationally?

Sub Themes

Growth opportunities: How to sustainably grow international education. Exploring new products, services and markets while optimising technology.

Student experience: Explore all aspects of the student experience and ensure international students remain at the heart of our mahi. Insights and best practice to improve outcomes across the student journey.

Indigenous international education: How we take on the role of kaitiaki and foster indigenous-to-indigenous education relationships.

Attraction and acquisition: Understand the unique value proposition of New Zealand education for impactful student recruitment through; education agent engagement, international marketing, communications, market research and analysis and partnerships in education.

Market updates: Gain insights and updates from a range of global markets.

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