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Fresh Offerings

How can we develop fresh programmes, products and services and take them to the world?

This breakout stream focuses on how we can design fresh programmes, products and services and deliver them to the world. It encourages us to think about designing new products and services, for new customer and market segments and to deliver them in a range of ways, whether that be in-person, online or hybrid. It also explores how technology can help us enhance our efficiency and impact. Help us Think New. 

Call for speakers 

We’re keen to showcase case studies of new programmes, products and services that have been developed, including those with in-person, digital and/or hybrid delivery. Questions to help stimulate your thoughts: 

• What are the current and future needs of international learners and employers? 
• What new international education audiences and markets are emerging?  
• What new products and services could truly help Aotearoa New Zealand stand out in a crowded global marketplace? 
• How can we foster innovation across Aotearoa New Zealand’s international education sector?
• The rise of Chat GPT and beyond: How will AI and technology change and shape international education?  
• What will the future of learning look like? And what role will technology play in how we learn? 
• What will the future of work look like? And what will employers be seeking? 
• What will the connections between work and learning look like in the future? 

Please note: The questions above are provided for inspiration. You are welcome to submit a presentation which addresses a different question. 

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