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Excellent Experiences

How can we foster excellent experiences for international students studying with Aotearoa New Zealand?

In this breakout stream, we’ll explore how we can ensure international students have excellent experiences with Aotearoa New Zealand, whether they’re studying onshore, offshore or online. We’ll traverse the entire student journey – from pre-departure to post-study employment – to discuss how we can take international student experiences to the next level. We’ll reflect on global best practice, but also search out opportunities to craft approaches that are uniquely of Aotearoa New Zealand. Help us shape international student experiences for the future. 

Call for speakers 

We are looking for speakers who can share examples of best practice in international student experience. Here are some questions to help stimulate your thoughts regarding potential presentations: 

• How can we improve experiences for international students in Aotearoa New Zealand? 
• How can we provide excellent experiences for international students studying online or offshore?
• What would we need to do to make international student experiences in Aotearoa New Zealand world-leading? 
• How can we forge a distinctive Aotearoa New Zealand international student experience? 
• What are current international student needs and issues – and how can we best address them? 
• How can we improve orientation for international students – online, offshore and in Aotearoa New Zealand? 
• How can we better integrate international student voices in our ways of working? 
• How can we help international students thrive in Aotearoa New Zealand? 
• What can we learn from global best practice? 

Please note: The questions above are provided for inspiration. You are welcome to submit a presentation which addresses a different question. 

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