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Authentically Aotearoa

How can our international education offerings tap into what makes our country special?

In this breakout stream, we’ll explore how our international education sector can embrace the best of Aotearoa New Zealand. We’ll discuss how we can honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi within our international education mahi. We’ll look at how we can embrace values of manaakitanga and kaitiakitanga within how we work. And we’ll explore how we can reflect and embrace our country’s unique, history and culture for international learners and partners. Help us explore our unique standpoint. 

Call for speakers 

Help us explore the interface between Aotearoa New Zealand and our international education sector. Questions to help stimulate your thoughts: 

• How can Aotearoa New Zealand’s international education sector give best effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi? 
• How can we partner with iwi Māori on international education? 
• How can Aotearoa New Zealand’s international education offering reflect Te Ao Māori in a genuine and authentic way? 
• How can we meaningfully and positively engage Aotearoa New Zealand communities in international education? 
• How can we reflect Aotearoa New Zealand’s unique identity, culture, values and history in the way we work, and how we connect with international students and international partners?
• Covid-19 encouraged us to forge new relationships onshore. How can we build on these newfound connections for future success? 

Please note: The questions above are provided for inspiration. You are welcome to submit a presentation which addresses a different question.  

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