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Your biography


To complete your presentation proposal submission, you will need to provide a biography and a headshot photo. NZIEC biographies are designed to be succinct. Plan on profiling yourself in no more than 150 words. Your biography should outline:

  • Who you are – your role and the organisation your represent
  • Your background and experience
  • Any career highlights you wish to emphasise.

Don’t hesitate to let your personality shine through – have fun with it!

Biography examples

To help you get started, check out these biographies used for NZIEC 2016.

Amy Rutherford
Director of Education – North America, Education New Zealand

Amy Rutherford is passionate about international education. She’s been an international student – twice! First in the US as an exchange student during her bachelor’s degree and again in 2014 as a Chinese language student in Beijing. She’s the daughter of an English mother who travelled to New Zealand in the mid-1970s on a teacher exchange – international education is in the blood.

Based in Los Angeles for Education New Zealand, she is responsible for providing strategic advice and intelligence to further the development of the North American markets for New Zealand. Her day-to-day work involves education diplomacy and liaison with US universities and other international education stakeholders to progress New Zealand government objectives.

Dr Adam Fraser
Human Performance Researcher and Consultant

Dr Adam Fraser is a human performance researcher and consultant who studies how organisations adopt a high performance culture to thrive in this challenging and evolving business landscape.

While other speakers talk about research, he does the research, partnering with various universities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. He is at the forefront of how neuroscience and positive psychology can be used to improve workplace performance. In fact he is thought to be the only keynote speaker in the world to have had the impact of his keynote presentation measured in a university study (it improved the behaviour of attendees by 41 percent).

Dr Adam is married to a woman who is far brighter than he is, has two daughters who have him completely wrapped around their finger, and a dog Tilly who routinely outwits him.